It’s a word most of us don’t really understand….

We know that we get hungry and solve it by eating.

We know deep fat frying everything you consume isn’t the best for the old ticker.

And we know that if we eat a huge meal we turn lethargic and fancy a kip.


But what is it we should know.

Food is essentially fuel. It fuels the muscles in our body, allowing us to work, rest and play.

Different foods have different properties, vegetables are full of vitamins and are acknowledged with contributing to a healthy body and mind.

Processed foods lose a lot of this and it is subsequently added synthetically, if at all.

Diets don’t work, they are short term and if you want to change your weight or body you need to change your lifestyle.

Models and actors follow unhealthy exercise and dieting regimes to look a certain way for a short period of time, plus they are digitally enchanted in post production.

Food and water are really important for your concentration, energy levels, general wellbeing, recovery – be it after exercise of illness, maintaining your immune system and making you feel good.

Dont neglect it and don’t over analyse it.

Enjoy it, relish it.

As they say its all about moderation – even professional athletes have a sweet tooth.


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